Pinellas County Taxable Values Rise 7.27% in 2020

Mike Twitty, the Pinellas County Property Appraiser released the 2020 preliminary taxable values on July 1st and the numbers show an increase of ~7.27% over 2019. According to the release, the 2020 taxable values are $91.68 Billion as compared to $85.46 Billion in 2019. Of the increase in taxable values year over year, new construction added to the tax roll made up ~$979 Million. Without regards for statutory assessment caps and exemptions, the overall Just Market Value for 2020 in Pinellas County increased to $131.7 Billion; a 7.22% increase over the 2019 Final Just Market Value of $122.8 Billion.

From a Municipal standpoint, some of the notable increases in real property taxable value were seen in Pinellas Park (9.56%), Seminole (9.10%) and Largo (8.93%). St. Petersburg also saw an increase of 9.74%, with the largest overall increase of 11.49% realized in Kenneth City. You can review the entire 2020 preliminary tax roll here to get a full picture of the overall values within Pinellas County.

The Florida Department of Revenue will now review and approve the tax roll for the 2020 tax year. The TRIM Notices will be sent out to the property owners in mid-August with the appeal deadline to follow in mid-September, 25 days after the mailing of the TRIM notices.

The amount you will pay in property taxes for 2020 is directly based on the County’s opinion of Market and Assessed Value for your property. With property values on the rise amidst the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for a qualified property tax professional to review and analyze your properties to ensure that your values are fair and equitable. If you feel the value of your property is too high or just wish to have an independent review, then we encourage you to call us at  (954) 282-2005 or email Brian at or Nick at

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