FirstPointe Advisors, LLC is a full-service property tax consulting firm offering numerous services to suit your needs. We can be an extension of your asset or property management function and manage all aspects of your property taxes. Below are additional details of the services we proudly offer to our clients.

Property Tax Appeals

Our property tax appeal service is the hallmark of our business. It is our goal to ensure that you are paying no more than your fair share of property taxes for each of your assets. Our professionals follow a methodical approach to ensuring your assets are fairly assessed. We will utilize our relationships and years of experience throughout the appeals process. Learn more about the appeal process!

Pre-Acquisition/Development Property Tax Forecasting

Acquiring or Developing a property is an extremely complicated and challenging task. The process of estimating and forecasting the numerous data inputs can be extremely burdensome and time consuming. It is also imperative that these inputs and assumptions are as accurate as possible. Variance in property tax expense throughout the ownership of an asset can drastically affect the expected return on investment as property taxes are likely the largest expenditures of an operating asset.

Therefore, accurately forecasting the property tax expense during development and post-acquisition is a necessity. At FirstPointe, our experience and knowledge of the markets in which we work allows us to assist in this forecasting process. We can provide high-level assistance at the start of the acquisition/development process along with a more detailed full-scale report as the deal progresses. We can work directly with your development and acquisition team to forecast your property tax expense throughout the entire life-cycle of your asset.

Annual Property Tax Budgeting

With Property Taxes typically making up the largest operating expense of a real estate asset, it is important to accurately forecast/budget this expense annually. With our local knowledge of the markets and jurisdictions in which you own property, we can assist you by providing budgets utilizing both the accrual and cash basis for each of your assets. Accurately forecasting your property tax expense will allow your firm to maximize your free cashflow.

Tax Bill Processing

Tracking, reviewing and paying your property tax bills can be a daunting task. At FirstPointe, we can assist you with this process to ensure that you are paying the correct tax amount. We can track and review your tax bills and communicate the due date(s) and amounts due to the appropriate contact within your firm. This will ensure that you are taking advantage of all possible early payment discounts.

Tangible Personal Property Compliance

As a landlord and owner-user of commercial property, you may be required to file a Tangible Personal Property Tax Return with the respective jurisdiction. This process begins with identifying each asset as either a taxable personal property, a non-taxable personal property or a component of real estate. All taxable items are grouped by their life assignments and the year they were placed in service. These steps and decisions can be cumbersome and a challenge to some. At FirstPointe Advisors, LLC we work with your team to relieve the burden by providing the knowledge and experience needed to complete with accuracy. This will ensure you are paying property tax only on the assets that exist and at the proper value.

Litigation Support

If an appeal is unsuccessful or the outcome is not as desired, we will perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine if filing litigation would be beneficial. If you desire to file to the circuit court, we will recommend an attorney through our network or work directly with an attorney of your choosing. We will help relieve the burden of managing the process by working directly with the attorney on your behalf.

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